Craig "Sam" Blevins aka Dad

Craig "Sam" Blevins  Oct. 14, 1942 - Oct. 19, 2005 The pictured magazine  article below provides a brief explanation of how the name Sam’s One Bug came about. My father Craig “Sam” Blevins described his fishing techniques along with his personal opinion on the success of the Sam’s One Bug. Over the last 30 years, I have witnessed the success and durability of this fly first hand. I have caught more fish on this pattern than any other fly I have ever fished for warm water species. The article sums it up very well in my father’s own words. Page 72 of Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, Summer 2002. Article entitled Flies and Materials that create the illusion of life. Sam’s One Bug and L-Eye-Bee, by Craig E. “Sam” Blevins. “After catching a hundred-plus bream, three smallmouth, and five largemouth bass on the same fly, it was dubbed the One Bug – I needed only one bug to fish all day. The Live Body foam takes considerable amounts of abuse when fishing rocky shoreli


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